The Firm Cuello & Asociados is recognized for being the common agent of success of its clients' financial operations, during a brilliant career in professional practice for over twenty years, and is now the financial and management advisors firm of more growth in the Dominican Republic.

The firm's success rests on the quality of the personnel involved in the solution and services offered by the firm, which currently has a full team of professionals and technicians, with great expertise in all fields related to financial, tributary and administrative counseling, in the public and private sectors.

Cuello & Asociados has acted as a consultant and advisor to a number of Dominican companies, both in societies in motion, as in entrepreneurial ventures. The firm has extensive experience in corporate merging, foreign investment and international business expansion.

Its strong support structure and advanced technology platform allow Cuello & Asociados handle quickly and effectively all administrative and financial aspects of their clients, thus becoming a strategic reference when choosing an experienced business advisor, qualified and recognized in major business areas in the Dominican Republic.

Av. 27 de Febrero / Winston Churchill, Plaza Central, Suite 421 Piantini, Santo Domingo, D. N.
Tel.: (809) 338-3300 - Fax:   (809) 338-3302 -

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